The Village Office

The staff of the Village Office is your best source of information about the Village of Bergen. If you don’t know where to call with a particular question, start with the Village Office at (585) 494-1513 — we’re more than willing to help you.

The staff is responsible for maintaining custody of all Village funds and keeping accounts of all Village receipts and expenditures, general accounting, reporting to State and Federal agencies, receiving Village tax payments, utility billing (sewer and electric), issuing handicap parking permits, paying Village employees, preparing the Village newsletter, and keeping all Village records.

The Village Administrator, Deputy Clerk and Treasurer are appointed by the Mayor and approved by Board of Trustees. The Administrator reports directly to the Mayor and is accountable to both the Mayor and to the Village Board of Trustees. He also serves as the secretary to the Village Board of Trustees.

Services Available at the Village Office

The Village Office provides a variety of services to Village residents. Below is a list of services along with their fees. Services that require a form to be submitted to the Village Office are linked to the appropriate form.

Services and Fees
Service Fee
Notary Public Free
Photocopy $0.25 per page
Facsimile (send or receive) $1.00 per page
Park permits Free
with alcohol permit Free
with electric request $10
with large gathering request (requiring special services such as police, traffic, clean up, etc...) actual cost to the Village
Bounced check fee $20
Copy of zoning law $15
Tax Search $0
Building Department Record Search $25
Miscellaneous Permits and Fees
Miscellaneous Permits Fee
Pole attachment permit, if revenue generating (e.g., garage sale, chicken BBQ, etc.) $25
Highway work permit ($300.00 penalty if work commenced without permit) $50 plus bond
Connection to municipal sewer (assumes Village parcel) $150 hookup fee
Septic tank (Capital facility fee per 1,000 gallons) $1,250 (scheduled to change)
Inspection fee $50
Connection to municipal electric, new service installation $250 (plus any installation fees under the tariff)