Bergen Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP)

The 2003 “Global Settlement” between New York Power Authority and public power systems requires municipal electric companies to engage in enhanced energy efficiency programs. The Village of Bergen complied with this mandate by participating in the Independent Energy Efficiency Program (IEEP). On February 6th 2013 the Village Board of Trustees voted to create the Bergen Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP) after it determined that the Village could provide a more cost-effective, locally-designed program.

BEEP Objective

The program’s goal is to assist residents and businesses in making energy efficient upgrades that reduce energy consumption, save money, and benefit the environment. Funding for BEEP will remain the same as with IEEP which is a .001¢ addition to the PPAC and will be used strictly for the benefit of rate payers.


Rebates under $250 will be credited to the customer's electric account, a check will be issued for amounts greater than $250.


The Bergen Energy Efficiency Program offers the following programs that benefit Village residents. To find out more details or to apply for one of these programs, just click on the titles below. If you have any questions, please contact the Village Office at (585) 494-1513.

  • Furnace Rebate
    New to the program are rebates for high-efficiency furnaces. A $1,000 rebate is provided to those who heat with electric and change to gas or oil furnaces. Those who already heat with gas or oil can receive a $500 rebate when installing a new furnace.
  • Appliance Rebate
    This program encourages residents to buy energy star labeled appliances by offering a rebate when you mail in the information of your new purchase.
  • Infrared Energy Audit
    The Village will do an infrared scan of your house to check for energy loss. This will then be put into a written report with pictures and will be explained to you by an employee of the Village of Bergen.
  • Window & Door Rebate
    This program encourages residents to buy energy star labeled windows & doors by offering a rebate of $75 when you provide information of your new purchase.
  • Insulation Rebate
    The village rebates 25% percent of the cost of the insulation that is placed in the attics of qualifying village residents up to $1,000. Please contact the Village Office at 494-0165 for more information.
  • Refrigerator Pick-Up Rebate
    Refrigerators are 98% recyclable. This program guarantees that they are recycled properly and are not kept as a second appliance.
  • Commercial Lighting Rebate
    The Commercial Lighting program provides incentives to businesses to replace old light fixtures for more energy efficient ones.
  • LED Light Bulb Rebate
    The LED Light Bulb Rebate Program provides a 50% rebate for each bulb when 5 or more are purchased.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station
    This program pays for 50% of the cost and installation of a home charging station, up to $500.