The Village of Bergen maintains the sanitary and storm sewer system throughout the Village. If you have any questions or concerns please call the Village Office.

About our Sewer System

The Village of Bergen's sanitary system is a "gray water" septic system. Each residence or commercial building has its own septic tank. The liquid from the tank finds its way to the sewer treatment plant via gravity and several pump stations placed throughout the village. Approximately every three years, the septic tanks are cleaned of all the remaining solids. It is very important that you leave the area around your septic tank cover clear to allow workers easy access. If you are unaware of the location of your tank, you can request a map of its location from the Village Office.

Re-Levy of Unpaid Sewer Bills to Taxes

After April 30th of each year, any unpaid sewer bill will be added to your Village tax bill with penalty.

Paying Your Bill

The Village of Bergen currently offers five ways to pay your utility bills:

  • Pay online through our Utility Payment Portal
  • Mail to PO Box 100 Bergen, NY 14416
  • Use the secure drop box near the front door of the Village Office at 11 N Lake Ave.
  • Pay in person at the Village Office, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00
  • Automatic withdrawal from your bank account. Call the Village Office at (585) 494-1513 to set up this option.

Residential Sewer Rates

Your residential sewer bill is composed of two parts, each of which is detailed below:

  • Basic Debt Service Charge
  • Usage-Based Charge

The usage-based charge is based on your annual water usage, as reported to us by the Monroe County Water Authority.

Basic Debt Service Charge Per Unit
Basic Debt Service Charge Per Unit
Addresses Inside Village Limits $45.00
Addresses Outside Village Limits $56.25
Usage-Based Charge Charge Per Unit
Usage-Based Charge Per Unit
Addresses Inside Village Limits
Low Water Usage (0-15,000 gallons) $75 per unit
Average Water Usage (15,000-40,000 gallons) $90 per unit
High Water Usage (over 40,000 gallons) $100 per unit
Addresses Outside Village Limits $75 per unit

NOTE:  What is a unit?
Local law defines a unit as a single, detached home or a building for a single business. A home that includes an additional apartment is billed as 1.5 units. A home that includes three additional apartments is billed as one unit plus three half-units (2.5 units total). Questions? Call the Village Office at (585) 494-1513.