Fee Schedule

Penalty Fee
Application Type and Fee
Commencing Work Without a Permit $100

Building Permit Extension - Original under $50

Building Permit Extension - Original over $50 50% of Original Cost


General Fee
Returned Check/ACH Fee $20

Peddling & Solicitation Fee (per day)



Municipal Sewer  Fee
Sewer Permit Fee, includes inspection $50

Capital Facility Fee (per unit)


Connection Fee (per unit)



Building / Zoning Fees

Demolition  Permits Fee
Sewer Permits and Fees
Residential $50 
Commercial $100


Demolition Permits Fee
Demolition Permits and Fees
Residential $100
Commercial $150

NOTE: A demolition permit is included in a building permit if applicable


Fuel Burning Permits Fee
Flood Plain Permit and Fee
Fireplace/Chimney $30
Solid Fuel Burning Device $30
Gas Fireplaces or Stoves $30


Accessory and Related Structure: RESIDENTIAL Permits Fee
Gazebo $40
Greenhouse $40
Generator (permanently installed) $40
Deck/Porch (150 sq. ft. or smaller) $25
Deck/Porch (151 sq.ft. or larger) $40
Shed/Building (150 sq. ft. or smaller) $25
Shed/Building (151 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. ) $40
Shed/Building (larger than 500 sq. ft.) $150
Pool or Hot Tub (does not include deck, fence or electric) $50
Roof Permit $50
Driveway Permit $50
Fence Permit (new or replacement) $25


Structural Alteration Permits Fee
Residential $100
Commercial $200

NOTE: Applies only to structural alterations that add no square footage



Addition Permits Fee
Addition Permits and Fees
Residential $100
Commercial up to 500 sq. ft. $100
Commercial 500-999 sq. ft. $150
Commercial 1,000-1,500 sq. ft. $200
Commercial 1,500-1,999 sq. ft. $400
One Car Garage $50
Two Car Garage $100
Three Car Garage $150
Commercial Accessory Building $100

NOTE: Addition permits do not include permits for required electrical or plumbing work


New Construction Permits Fee
New Construction Permits and Fees
New one-family dwelling $0.15 per square ft. ($300 minimum)
New two-family/Multiple Family dwelling $0.20 per square ft. ($300 minimum)
New commercial construction $0.20 per square ft. ($500 minimum)


Inspections Fee
Residential - Fire & Safety (includes Cert. of Compliance) $25
Commercial - Fire & Safety (includes Cert. of Compliance) $50
Plumbing Inspection $30
Change of Use - Residential $25
Change of use - Commercial (includes Site Plan Review) $200


Planning and zoning

Planning and zoning board fees Fee
Inspection Type and Fee
Sign Permit (subject to Planning Board review) $50
Minor Subdivision $200
Major Subdivision $300
Minor Site Plan Review $200
Major Site Plan Review $300
Special Use Permit (includes legal ad, notices, etc) $200
Variance $300
Public Hearing Fee (includes legal ad, notices, etc) $75
Additional Public Hearing posters $10
Extension of Application (not to exceed a year) 50% of original fee
Long Form SEQR Actual Cost
Professional Referrals (Engineering, Legal, Design or Other Professional As Incurred
Recreation Fee (new major subdivision) $200 per parcel


Small Wireless Facilities (SWF) Fee
First SWF Special Use Permit $600
Additional SWF Special Use Permit $175
SWF Support Structures $1,000
License Review Fee $1,750