Village of Bergen
Village of Bergen
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Local Laws & Resolutions

The links below allow you to view recent Local Laws and Resolutions of interest passed by the Village Board of Trustees.

Local Law
Local Law #1 of 2016 - Sandwich Board Law Amendment01-2016
Local Law #1 of 2015 - Sanitation Law01-2015
Local Law #2 of 2015 - Parking Restrictions02-2015
New York State Tax Cap Override02-2014
Grass, Weeds & Brush04-2013
2% Tax Cap Override01-2012
Dog Control Law 05-1990
Sandwich Board Law 01-2010

Adoption of Retirement Incentive Program Part A

New York State Tax Cap Override
Excemption for Capitol Improvements to Residential Buildings01-2013
Opposition to Clean Water Act Amendments07-2014
Anti-Bullying Proclamation11-2013
Notice of Claim Designee07-2013
Smoke Free Parks 09-2011
Village of Bergen Tree Board 10-2011
Establishement of Equipment Reserves09-2012
Main Street Grant10-2012
Work Day11-2012

Local law or resolution questions


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