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Village of Bergen
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Agendas and Minutes

The Bergen Village Board of Trustees generally meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 7 PM.

The links below allow you to download PDF files containing the agendas, minutes, and any pertinent documents from each of the board's meetings held during 2013.

Looking for agendas and minutes from previous years' meetings? Please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Meeting DateAgendaDocumentsMinutes
February 14th 2018 Agenda-02.14.18.pdf    
January 24th 2018 Agenda-01.24.18.pdf    Minutes-01.24.18.pdf
January 10th 2018 Agenda-01.10.17.pdf    Minutes-01.10.17.pdf
December 13th 2017 Agenda-12.13.17.pdf    Minutes-12.13.17.pdf
November 8th 2017 Agenda-11.08.17.pdf    Minutes-11.08.17.pdf
October 25th 2017 Agenda-10.25.17.pdf    Minutes-10.25.17.pdf
October 11th 2017 Agenda-10.11.17.pdf    Minutes-10.11.17.pdf
September 27th 2017 Agenda-09.27.17.pdf   Minutes-09.27.17.pdf
September 13th 2017 Agenda-09.13.17.pdf    Minutes-09.13.17.pdf
August 23rd 2017 Agenda-08.23.17.pdf   Minutes-08.23.17.pdf
August 9th 2017 Agenda-08.09.17.pdf   Minutes-08.09.17.pdf
July 12th 2017 Agenda-07.12.17.pdf   Minutes-07.12.17.pdf
June 28th 2017 Agenda-06.28.17.pdf   Minutes-06.28.17.pdf
June 14th 2017 Agenda-06.14.17.pdf   Minutes-06.14.17.pdf
May 24th 2017 Agenda-05.24.17.pdf   Minutes-05.24.17.pdf
May 10th 2017 Agenda-05.10.17.pdf   Minutes-05.10.17.pdf
April 26th 2017 Agenda-04.26.17.pdf   Minutes-04.26.17.pdf
April 12th 2017 Agenda-04.12.17.pdf   Minutes-04.12.17.pdf
March 22nd 2017 Agenda-03.22.17.pdf   Minutes-03.22.17.pdf
February 22nd 2017 Agenda-02.22.17.pdf   Minutes-02.22.17.pdf
February 8th 2017 Agenda-02.08.17.pdf   Minutes-02.08.17.pdf
January 25th 2017 Agenda-01.25.17.pdf   Minutes-01.25.17.pdf
January 11th 2017 Agenda-01.11.17.pdf   Minutes-01.11.17.pdf
December 14th 2016 Agenda-12.14.16.pdf   Minutes-12.14.16.pdf
November 30th 2016 Agenda-11.30.16.pdf   Minutes-11.30.16.pdf
November 9th 2016 Agenda-11.09.16.pdf   Minutes-11.09.16.pdf
OCtober 26th 2016 Agenda-10.26.16.pdf   Minutes-10.26.16.pdf
October 12th 2016 Agenda-10.12.16.pdf   Minutes-10.12.16.pdf
September 28th 2016 Agenda-09.28.16.pdf   Minutes-09.28.16.pdf
August 24th 2016 Agenda-08.24.16.pdf   Minutes-08.24.16.pdf
August 10th 2016 Agenda-08.10.16.pdf   Minutes-08.10.16.pdf
July 13th 2016 Agenda-07.13.16.pdf   Minutes-07.13.16.pdf
June 22nd 2016 Agenda-06.22.16.pdf   Minutes-06.22.16.pdf
June 8th 2016 Agenda-06.08.16.pdf   Minutes-06.08.16.pdf
May 11th 2016 Agenda-05.11.16.pdf   Minutes-05.11.16.pdf
April 27th 2016 Agenda-04.27.16.pdf   Minutes-04.27.16.pdf
April 13th 2016 Agenda-04.13.16.pdf   Minutes-04.13.16.pdf
March 22nd 2016 Agenda-03.22.16.pdf   Minutes-03.22.16.pdf
March 9th 2016 Agenda-03.09.16.pdf   Minutes-03.09.16.pdf
February 24th 2016 Agenda-02.24.16.pdf   Minutes-02.24.16.pdf
February 10th 2016 Agenda-02.10.16.pdf   Minutes-02.10.16.pdf
Janury 27th 2016 Agenda-01.27.16.pdf   Minutes-01.27.16.pdf
January 13th 2016 Agenda-01.13.16.pdf   Minutes-01.13.16.pdf
December 9th 2015 Agenda-12.09.15.pdf  


November 12th 2015 Agenda-11.12.15.pdf   Minutes-11.12.15.pdf
October 28th 2015 Agenda-10.28.15.pdf   Minutes-10.28.15.pdf
October 14th 2015 Agenda-10.14.15.pdf   Minutes-10.14.15.pdf
September 22nd 2015 Agenda-09.22.15.pdf   Minutes-09.22.15.pdf
September 9th 2015 Agenda-09.09.15.pdf   Minutes-09.09.15.pdf
August 26th 2015 Agenda-08.26.15.pdf   Minutes-08.26.15.pdf
August 12th 2015 Agenda-08.12.15.pdf   Minutes-08.12.15.pdf
July 22nd 2015 Agenda-07.22.15.pdf   Minutes-07.22.15.pdf
July 8th 2015 Agenda-07.08.15.pdf   Minutes-07.08.15.pdf
June 24th 2015 Agenda-06.24.15.pdf   Minutes-06.24.15.pdf
June 10th 2015 Agenda-06.10.15.pdf   Minutes-06.10.15.pdf
May 27th 2015 Agenda-05.27.15.pdf   Minutes-05.27.15.pdf
May 13th 2015 Agenda-05.13.15.pdf   Minutes-05.13.15.pdf
April 22nd 2015 Agenda-04.22.15.pdf   Minutes-04.22.15.pdf
April 18th 2015     Minutes-04.18.15.pdf
March 25th 2015 Agenda-03.25.15.pdf   Minutes-03.25.15.pdf
March 11th 2015 Agenda-03.11.15.pdf   Minutes-03.11.15.pdf
February 25th 2015 Agenda-02.25.15.pdf   Minutes-02.25.15.pdf
February 11th 2015 Agenda-02.11.15.pdf   Minutes-02.11.15.pdf
January 28th 2015 Agenda-01.28.15.pdf   Minutes-01.28.15.pdf
January 14th 2015 Agenda-01.14.15.pdf Document - 01.14.15.pdf Minutes-01.14.15.pdf
December 10th 2014 Agenda-12.10.14.pdf   Minutes-12.10.14.pdf
November 12th 2014 Agenda-11.12.14.pdf   Minutes-11.12.14.pdf
October 22nd 2014 Agenda-10.22.14.pdf   Minutes-10.22.14.pdf
October 8th 2014 Aganda-10.08.14.pdf   Minutes-10.08.14.pdf
September 24th 2014 Agenda-09.24.14.pdf   Minutes-09.24.14.pdf
September 10th 2014 Agenda-09.10.14.pdf   Minutes-09.10.14.pdf
August 27th 2014 Agenda-08.27.14.pdf   Minutes-08.27.14.pdf
August 13th 2014 Agenda-08.13.14.pdf   Minutes-08.13.14.pdf
July 23rd 2014 Agenda-07.23.14.pdf   Minutes-07.23.14.pdf
July 9th 2014 Agenda-07.09.14.pdf   Minutes-07.09.14.pdf
June 11th 2014 Agenda-06.11.14.pdf   Minutes-06.11.14.pdf
May 28th 2014 Agenda-05.28.14.pdf   Minutes-05.28.14.pdf
May 14th 2014 Agenda-05.14.14.pdf   Minutes-05.14.14.pdf
April 23rd 2014 Agenda-04.23.14.pdf Document - 04.23.14.pdf  
April 9th 2014 Agenda-04.09.14.pdf   Minutes-04.09.14.pdf
March 25th 2014 Agenda-03.25.14.pdf   Minutes-3.25.14.pdf
March 19th 2014 Agenda-03.19.14.pdf   Minutes-03.19.14.pdf
February 26th 2014 Agenda-02.26.14.pdf   Minutes-02.26.14.pdf
February 12th 2014 Agenda-02.12.14.pdf   Minutes-02.12.14.pdf
January 22nd 2014 Agenda-01.22.14.pdf   Minutes-01.22.14.pdf
January 8th 2014 Agenda-01.08.14.pdf Documents-01.08.14.pdf Minutes-01.08.14.pdf
December 18th 2013 Agenda-12.18.13.pdf   Minutes-12.18.13.pdf
November 27th 2013 Agenda-11.27.13.pdf   Minutes-11.27.13.pdf
November 13th 2013 Agenda-11.13.13.pdf   Minutes-11.13.13.pdf
October 23rd 2013 Agenda-10.23.13.pdf   Minutes-10.23.13.pdf
October 9th 2013 Agenda-10.09.13.pdf   Minutes-10.09.13.pdf
September 25th 2013 Agenda-09.25.13.pdf Documents-09.25.13.pdf Minutes-09.25.13.pdf
September 11th 2013 Agenda-09.11.13.pdf   Minutes-09.11.13.pdf
August 28th 2013 Agenda-08.28.13.pdf   Minutes-08.28.13.pdf
August 14th 2013 Agenda-08.14.13.pdf   Minutes-08.14.13.pdf
July 24th 2013 Agenda-07.24.13.pdf   Minutes-07.24.13.pdf
July 10th 2013


June 26th 2013 Agenda-06.26.13.pdf   Minutes-06.26.13.pdf
June 12th 2013 Agenda-06.12.13.pdf Documents-06.12.13.pdf Minutes-06.12.13.pdf
May 8th 2013 Agenda-05.08.13.pdf   Minutes-05.08.13.pdf
April 24th 2013 Agenda-04.24.13.pdf   Minutes-04.24.13.pdf
April 10th 2013 Agenda-04.10.13.pdf Documents-04.10.13.pdf Minutes-04.10.13.pdf
March 26th 2013 Agenda-03.26.13.pdf   Minutes-03.26.13.pdf
March 6th 2013 Agenda-03.06.13.pdf Documents-03.06.13.pdf Minutes-03.06.13.pdf
February 27th 2013 Agenda-02.27.13.pdf   Minutes-02.27.13.pdf
February 13th 2013 Agenda-02.13.13.pdf   Minutes-02.13.13.pdf
January 23rd 2013 Agenda-01.23.13.pdf   Minutes-01.23.13.pdf
January 9th 2013 Agenda-01.09.13.pdf   Minutes-01.09.13.pdf


2012 Agendas and Minutes

2011 Agendas and Minutes


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