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Planning Board Overview

The Planning board consists of five members including a chairperson and a deputy chairperson and two alternate members. The members of the planning board are required to complete 4 hours of training every year. The function of the planning board is advisory and has authority to approve site plans, special permits, use variances or other development approvals. To view a copy of the Village of Bergen's Zoning Law please click the link on the sidebar.

The planning board meets at 7:00 pm on the third Wednesday of each month. To be placed on the agenda, one must do so through the planning board secretary located at the Village Office. All materials must be submitted to the board ten (10) days in advance of the next meeting.

Planning Board Members                              Term Expires

  • Rene Vurraro, Chairperson                   (5/31/19)
  • Kate Milliman, Deputy Chairperson     (5/31/18)
  • Rich Strzelecki                                          (5/31/20)
  • Christina Bergeron                                  (5/31/21)
  • David Burke                                               (5/31/22)
  • Barbara Zinter, Secretary

Planning Board Alternates                           Term Expires

  • Heather Piper                                          (5/31/20)
  • Vacant                                                       (5/31/18)

Planning Board Agenda

Click here to download Bergen's Zoning Law (a 103 page PDF, 5.9MB)

Click here to download a searchable PDF (a 103 page PDF, 8.6MB)


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