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Building Permits

Please contact the Building Department of the Village of Bergen to obtain the required permit for your building project.

Click here to download our Building Permit Request Form (4-page PDF, 200 KB).

ALL PERMITS ARE VALID FOR ONE YEAR. One six-month renewal is permitted and will be the same price as the original permit.

The Village will assess a $100 fee for commencing work without a permit.

Sewer PermitsFee
Connection Fee per unit $150.00
Capital Facility Fee per unit $1250.00
Sign PermitsFee
Signs without electric under 12 sq. ft. $40.00
Electric signs under 12 sq. ft. $40.00
Signs over 12.1 sq. ft. without electric $40.00
Electric signs over 12.1 sq. ft. $40.00
Demolition Permits (Included in Building Permit if Applicable)
Residential $100.00
Commercial $150.00
Flood Plain PermitsFee
Surcharge -Any application concerning property in a flood plain No Fee
Fuel Burning PermitsFee
Solid Fuel & Chimney
Fireplace & Gas Inserts
Accessory and Related Structure: RESIDENTIAL PermitsFee
Stand By Generator
Gazebo $40.00
Fence No Fee
Deck 150 sq. ft. or smaller $25.00
Deck 151 sq. ft. or larger $40.00
Accessory Buildings $0.15 per sq. ft. (ie Sheds and Garages)
$30.00 Min.
POOL Permits: (Fee does not include permit for deck, fence or electric)Fee
Above-ground under 19 ft. diameter or longest side $50.00
Above-ground over 20 ft. diameter or longest side $75.00
In-ground under 19 ft. diameter or longest side $50.00
In-ground over 20 ft. diameter or longest side $75.00
Change of Use PermitsFee
Residential $30.00
Commercial $250.00
Structural Alteration Permits (without adding square footage)Fee
Residential $100.00
Commercial $200.00
Addition Permits
(adds square footage, does not include electric or plumbing)
Residential $100.00
Commercial up to 500 sq. ft. $100.00
---- 500-999 sq. ft. $150.00
---- 1,000-1,500 sq. ft. $200.00
---- 1,500-1,999 sq. ft. $400.00
---- 2,000 sq. ft. or larger (apply fees for new construction)  
---- Commercial accessory building or related structures $100.00
New One-Family Dwelling Permit
$0.15 per square ft. $300.00 Min.
New Two-Family Dwelling Permit
$0.20 per square ft. $300.00 Min.
New Multiple Dwelling Unit PermitFee
$0.20 per square ft. $300.00 Min.
New Commercial Construction Permit
$0.20 per square ft. $500.00 Min.

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