Village of Bergen
Village of Bergen
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Planning Board
Agendas and Minutes

The Village Planning Board generally meets on the third Wednesday of each month.

The links below allow you to download a PDF file containing the agenda and minutes from each of the board's meetings in 2013.

Looking for agendas and minutes from previous years' meetings? Please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
May 17, 2017Agenda_05.17.17.pdf 
April 19, 2017Agenda_04.19.17.pdfMinutes_04.19.17.pdf
January 18, 2017Agenda_01.18.17.pdfMinutes_01.18.17.pdf
November 21, 2016Agenda_11.21.16.pdfMinutes_11.21.16.pdf
November 7, 2016Agenda_11.07.16.pdfMinutes_11.07.16.pdf
October 19, 2016Agenda_10.19.16.pdfMinutes_10.19.16.pdf
October 3, 2016Agenda_10.03.16.pdfMinutes_10.03.16.pdf
September 21, 2016Agenda_09.21.16.pdfMinutes_09.21.16.pdf
April 20, 2016Agenda_04.20.16.pdfMinutes_04.20.16.pdf
March 16, 2016Agenda_03.16.16.pdfMinutes_03.16.16.pdf
January 20, 2016Agenda_01.20.16.pdfMinutes_01.20.16.pdf
September 16, 2015Agenda_09.16.15.pdf 
May 20, 2015Agenda_05.20.15.pdfMinutes_05.20.15.pdf
March 18, 2015Agenda_03.18.15.pdfMinutes_03.18.15.pdf
February 18, 2015Agenda_02.18.15.pdfMinutes_02.18.15.pdf
January 21, 2015Agenda_01.21.15.pdfMinutes_01.21.15.pdf
November 19, 2014Agenda_11.19.14.pdfMinutes_11.19.14.pdf
October 15, 2014Agenda_10.15.14.pdfMinutes_10.15.14.pdf
October 16, 2013Aganda_10.16.13.pdfMinutes_10.16.13.pdf
September 18, 2013Agenda_09.18.13.pdfMinutes_09.18.13.pdf
August 21, 2013Agenda_08.21.13.pdfMinutes_08.21.13.pdf
March 20, 2013Agenda_03.20.13.pdfMinutes_03.20.13.pdf
February 20,2013Agenda_02.20.13.pdfMinutes_02.20.13.pdf
January 16, 2013Agenda_01.16.13.pdfMinutes_01.16.13.pdf

Zoning Board of Appeals
Agendas and Minutes

The Village Zoning Board meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, but meets only as required.

Agendas and meeting minutes will be posted on this page as meetings are planned and held.


2012 Agendas and Minutes

2011 Agendas and Minutes

2010 Agendas and Minutes


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