Village of Bergen
Village of Bergen
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Village Newsletter

Our Village newsletter is distributed in hard copy form to our utility customers with their bills.  Recent newsletters are posted here in PDF format for your convenience.


June_2017(2-page PDF file,817KB)

May_2017(2-page PDF file,617KB)

April_2017(4-page PDF file, 1,017KB)

March_2017(2-page PDF file,617KB

January_2017 (2-page PDF file,628KB)

December_2016(2-page PDF file, 641KB)

November_2016(2-page PDF file)

October_2016(2-page PDF file)

September_2016(2-pafe PDF file)

August_2016 (2-page PDF file)

July _2016(2-page PDF file)

June_2016(2-page PDF file)

May_2016(2-page PDF file, 221KB)

April_2016(2-page PDF file, 165KB)

March_2016(2-page PDF file, 718KB)

February_2016(2-page PDF file, 161KB)

January _2016(2-page PDF file, 708KB)

November_2015(2-page PDF file, 127KB)

October_2015(2-page PDF file, 127KB)

September_2015(2-page PDF file, 133KB)

August_2015(2-pgae PDF file, 564KB)

July_2015(2-page PDF file, 627KB)

June_2015(2-page PDF file, 176KB)

April_2015(2-page PDF file, 130KB)

March_2015(2-page PDF file, 159KB)

February_2015(2-page PDF file, 523KB)

January_2015.pdf(2-page PDF file, 632KB)

Winter_2014.pdf(2-pages PDF file, 583KB)

Fall_2013.pdf(2-page PDF file, 329KB)

Summer_2013.pdf (2-page PDF file, 401KB)

May_2013.pdf (2-page PDF file, 156KB)

April_2013.pdf (2-page PDF file, 111KB)

Late Fall_2012.pdf (4-page PDF file, 608KB)

Early Summer_2012.pdf (2-pagePDF file, 1070KB)


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